FastExpert Supports Cancer Patients with a $5,000 Donation to Breast Cancer Angels 


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Our team at FastExpert has always believed in the importance of advocacy for those in need within our community. Support can come in many forms, from donating our time to making financial contributions.

We believe in giving back by partnering with organizations that share our values and dreams to make a difference in people’s lives. This is why we are proud to support Breast Cancer Angels with a donation of $5,000. Breast Cancer Angels is a local nonprofit that supports those suffering from a life-threatening breast cancer diagnosis. 

Nonprofits Help Support Local Communities

Nonprofit organizations are vital for the communities in which our business resides. We know the impact these organizations have on the cities, the communities, and the families. These organizations, like Breast Cancer Angels, support some of our most vulnerable people. They do this by stepping in to fill the gaps that other programs can’t fill.

Living With a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Every year there are over 240,000 breast cancer diagnoses in women and 2,100 diagnoses in men. Cancer treatments, surgeries, medical visits, and medications can create significant medical bills and is an ongoing process.

While undergoing treatments, cancer patients often have to reduce their work hours and, more often than not, are unable to work at all. With all the stress of the treatments, the bills still have to get paid. Not to mention the basic needs like food, clothing, toiletries, and more just add to the considerable costs of everyday life.

For people diagnosed with breast cancer, too often, they are forced to make a choice between medical treatment and basic needs. We know and understand that medical treatments and pain-relieving medicines can be incredibly expensive. This can be especially hard for those who can no longer work due to their illness. By supporting Breast Cancer Angels, we can help ensure they no longer have to make that choice. 

Breast Cancer Angels Supports Patients and Families

Breast Cancer Angels is an organization dedicated to helping those undergoing breast cancer treatment by providing financial support. Financial support for these patients can be funds to pay for mortgages, rent, and other essentials.

By offering financial support, breast cancer patients can focus on their health and healing. With this relief they don’t have to worry about how their bills will get paid or how they will put food on the table. 

With FastExpert’s $5,000 donation, we are honored to be a part of the effort to support these patients and their families. The donation can help provide food, gift cards, gas cards, assistance with rentals, utility assistance, medical co-pays, hospice, and other necessities the family may need. Angels can also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and help locate other helpful resources.

Every little contribution matters and can make a difference in their lives. 

Donating to Breast Cancer Angels

When a donation is made to Breast Cancer Angels, 100% of the donation goes to help the clients and their families. BCA has provided financial support to cancer patients as they undergo treatment for over 18 years. They support over 600 individuals and their families every year. 

Breast Cancer Angels provides financial and emotional support for both men and women in Orange County, Long Beach, South Bay, and San Diego. They also provide emergency assistance services for Inland Empire and Los Angeles. 

By supporting Breast Cancer Angels, we know we are making a positive impact on the lives of these families as they go through one of the hardest periods in their life.

If you have a family member, colleague, or a personal connection to those suffering through breast cancer treatments or just have a calling to give, any size donation can make a significant impact. Join us in our efforts to impact our communities at

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