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At FastExpert, we understand the importance of having a home to call your own, and we work to make finding one simple. Our passion for helping extends to supporting those without a home. We believe it is essential to give back to the community and support nonprofit organizations that work to uplift the lives of the homeless. We especially feel a strong pull to help children impacted by homelessness.

“Children are our most valuable resource,” President Herbert Hoover.

Therefore, FastExpert is honored to donate $5000 to Dare2B NYC to aid in its mission to “equip, inspire, and empower homeless children to survive and thrive.”  Through the Dare2B holistic program, children are cared for physically and emotionally. In addition, the children are educated to develop skills for success to break their cycle of poverty.

Dare2B kids

About Dare2B NYC

More than 100,000 children were homeless last year in New York City. Some estimates report that number could be even higher, reaching almost 120,000 homeless children.

Not only do these children struggle to get their basic physical needs met, but they also struggle socially and academically because of the instability and stress of their circumstances.  

Dare2B founder Roxana Colorado saw the quiet needs of children struggling to survive and stepped in. What started with a Thanksgiving dinner served by Roxana and her childhood friends developed into a full program to meet the needs of homeless children and empower them to survive and thrive.  

Dare2B works tirelessly to support homeless children through a 7-fold program that addresses physical, emotional, and educational needs. They don’t simply step in for a moment; instead, they come alongside children to nurture them over time, sometimes even years.  

The Impact of Dare2B on Homeless Children

Dare2B has impacted the lives of thousands of children, and its impact is growing each year. They hope to have a permanent and measurable impact on the children’s and their families’ lives.  

This was true of a 12-year-old boy and his family who, after being in Dare2B for two years, entered the career development program of Dare2B. There, he learned about work ethic and interview skills, among other things. 

Through the Dare2B career development program, he was offered a temporary job with Statue of Liberty Tours. Additionally, his recommendation led to a friend receiving a part-time job offer. Their hard work resulted in their positions being extended and expanded into a full-time position that the two boys shared during high school.  

This provided much-needed financial help that allowed the family to move out of the shelter. Furthermore, it gave the boys confidence in their abilities. The positive impact spread beyond themselves. Inspired by the boys’ positive changes, their families joined aid programs, furthering the positive results.

FastExpert Donates to Dare2B Leadership Initiative

FastExpert Cares is proud to donate to Dare2B, and their efforts to improve the lives of homeless children. Their work to holistically approach the issues that homeless children face has a lasting impact and helps to break the cycle of poverty.  

Their latest endeavor, the Dare2B Leadership Development Initiative, works to help kids learn to be leaders in their communities. It has transformed the confidence of homeless children and given them the skills not only to succeed but lead.

“The program has taught me to think differently about my future. We should not stop fighting for our dreams and have to work hard for what we want. The program helped me develop self-confidence. It taught us new things that inspired us to develop.” -Karen, High School Student.

This donation will help Dare2B expand its program offerings to more children and reach further into the community. We know the future is built through young people. Investing in children early will help make the future bright. 

Join us in supporting Dare2B and their incredible efforts in helping homeless children.  

Andrew Te

Andrew has 7+ years of experience in Real Estate and working with Real Estate Agents. He is passionate about the housing market and solving problems.

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