What is the Average Real Estate Commission in Alaska?


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According to a poll of FastExpert agents, 4.90% is the average commission rate across the state of Alaska. This is below the national average of 5.57%.

However, keep in mind that commission rates may vary depending on the individual agent or Broker, as well as the specific property transaction.

What are the Factors that Affect Real Estate Commissions in Alaska?

There are several factors that can affect Alaska’s real estate commission rates. These include the type of property being sold, the location of the property, and the value of the property. Additionally, the services provided by the agent or broker will affect the real estate commission.

For example, selling a luxury home may require a higher commission rate than selling a more modest home. Similarly, an agent who provides full-service support throughout the entire transaction may charge a higher commission than an agent who only provides limited services.

As with any major financial decision, it’s important to shop around and compare different agents and commission rates before choosing the one that’s right for you.

Should I Negotiate the Commission Rate?

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate the real estate commission with your agent. This is more likely to be an option if you’re working with an independent agent rather than a large brokerage firm.

Some factors that may affect your ability to negotiate include the current market conditions, the value of the property, the services provided by the agent, and the agent’s experience level.

It’s important to remember that the commission is typically split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent, so you’ll need to negotiate with both parties in order to reach an agreement.

What Are the Typical Fees Charged by Real Estate Agents in Alaska?

Some common fees charged by real estate agents include:

  • Listing Fees: A fee charged by the listing agent to list the property on the MLS and market the property to potential buyers.
  • Buyer’s Agent Fees: A fee charged by the buyer’s agent to help the buyer find and purchase a suitable property.
  • Transaction Fees: A fee charged by the agent to cover the costs of paperwork and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the transaction.

Alaska Real Estate Agent Commission Regulations

Under Alaska law, real estate licensees are required to perform certain duties in order to earn their commission. These duties include:

Sec. 08.88.620 Duties owed by licensee representing a person

Unless additional duties are agreed to in a written document signed by the person represented by the licensee, a real estate licensee who represents the person owes the person the following duties in addition to the other duties imposed by AS 08.88.615:

(1) not taking action that the licensee knows is adverse or detrimental to the interest of the represented person in a real estate transaction;

(2) disclosure of a conflict of interest to the represented person in a timely manner;

(3) advising the represented person to obtain expert advice on a matter that relates to the real estate transaction that is beyond the licensee’s expertise;

(4) not disclosing confidential information from or about the represented person without written consent, except under a subpoena or another court order, even after termination of the licensee’s relationship with the represented person;

(5) if the represented person is a seller or a lessor, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, making a good faith and continuous effort to find a buyer or lessee for the real estate of the seller or lessor, except that a licensee is not required to seek additional offers to buy or lease the real estate while the real estate is subject to an existing contract for sale or lease; and

(6) if the represented party is a buyer or a lessee, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, making a good faith and continuous effort to find real estate for the buyer or lessee, except that a licensee is not obligated to

(A) seek additional real estate to buy or lease for the buyer or lessee while the buyer or lessee is a party to an existing contract to buy or lease real estate; or

(B) show to the buyer or lessee real estate for which there is not a written agreement to pay compensation to the licensee.

Sec. 08.88.655 – Compensation

(a) A real estate broker may be compensated by any party to a real estate transaction, by a third party, or by one or more of the parties to the transaction splitting or sharing the compensation.

(b) The payment of compensation to a real estate broker may not be construed to establish a relationship between the broker and the party who pays the compensation.

(c) If a real estate licensee provides specific assistance or enters into a personal services contract to act as a real estate licensee for a person, or if a seller and buyer, or a lessor and lessee, enter into a contract to sell, buy, or lease real estate, the real estate licensee shall disclose which party the licensee anticipates will be paying compensation to the real estate brokers in the real estate transaction.

(d) A real estate licensee shall include in a contract to sell, buy, or lease real estate a statement indicating which party is paying compensation to the real estate brokers in the real estate transaction.

Final Thoughts

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