What is the Average Commission in New Hampshire?


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Selling a home in New Hampshire comes with a few costs that are typically paid by the seller. One of those costs is the real estate commission, which is generally a percentage of the final sale price of the home.

The average real estate commission in New Hampshire is 4.7%, according to a poll of FastExpert agents. This rate is much lower than the national average of 5.5%.

If you’re selling a home in New Hampshire, it’s important to know how much the real estate commission will be so that you can factor it into your overall costs. FastExpert can help you find a top agent in your area who can give you a more accurate estimate of the commissions you’ll pay.

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Can I Negotiate the Commission Rate?

The commission rate is typically set by the listing agent’s Brokerage, but in some cases, it may be negotiable. If you’re selling a high-value home or if you have a unique situation, you may be able to negotiate a lower commission.

It’s important to remember that the real estate commission is just one of the many costs of selling a home. You’ll also have to pay for things like repairs, staging, marketing, and more.

And, given the fact that New Hampshire’s commission rate is already lower than the national average, you may not have a lot of negotiating power.

The best way to get started is to talk to a few different agents and ask about their commission rates. Once you’ve found an agent you’re comfortable with, you can start negotiating.

Keep in mind that the real estate commission is just one factor to consider when hiring an agent. You should also consider the agent’s experience, marketing plan, and overall approach to selling your home.

Taking the Next Step

Now that you know more about the average real estate commission in New Hampshire, you’re ready to start searching for an experienced agent.

FastExpert can connect you with top agents in your area who can help you sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. Get started today!

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