Small Entryway Decorating Ideas That Will Wow


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Your home’s entryway is the first impression visitors have of your style and taste. However, decorating a small entryway can be challenging due to limited space. Fear not! In this article, we present you with a collection of innovative and practical ideas to transform your small entryway into a stunning space that will leave a lasting impression. Let’s explore these small entryway decorating ideas that will wow both you and your guests.

Create an Illusion of Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to make small spaces appear larger. Hang a large mirror on one wall of your entryway to reflect light and create an illusion of depth. It will not only open up the space but also add a touch of elegance and functionality.

Add a Statement Piece

Make a bold statement with a unique piece of furniture or decor item. Consider placing a stylish console table with a decorative vase or sculpture. This will not only add character to your entryway but also provide practical storage for keys, mail, and other essentials.

Utilize Vertical Space with Shelves

When floor space is limited, make use of the vertical space by installing floating shelves. These can hold decorative items like plants, books, or small art pieces. The shelves will add visual interest while maximizing storage potential.

Play with Color

Inject life and personality into your small entryway by incorporating a vibrant color palette. Paint the walls in a bold hue or use colorful wallpaper to create a focal point. Combine it with complementary accessories like throw pillows or rugs to tie the space together.

Add Functional Seating

If space permits, include a small bench or ottoman in your entryway. It serves as a practical seating area while providing a spot to put on or take off shoes. Opt for a design with built-in storage to keep shoes or other items neatly tucked away.

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Illuminate with Lighting

Good lighting can make a significant difference in any space. Install a statement pendant light or a series of wall sconces to add warmth and ambiance to your entryway. Consider energy-efficient LED bulbs to reduce electricity consumption.

Transform your entryway into an art gallery by hanging a carefully curated selection of printed artwork or photos. Choose pieces that resonate with your personal style and arrange them in a visually pleasing manner. This will add personality and create a focal point in the space.

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Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating natural elements into your small entryway. Place potted plants or a vertical garden to infuse freshness and life. Natural elements not only add visual appeal but also help purify the air and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Optimize Storage Solutions

In a small entryway, maximizing storage is essential to maintain organization and reduce clutter. Install hooks or a wall-mounted organizer for keys, bags, and coats. Use decorative baskets or bins to corral shoes and other accessories while keeping them easily accessible.

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Add a Decorative Rug

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entryway with a well-chosen rug. Opt for a design that complements the overall style and color scheme of the space. A rug adds warmth, texture, and a cozy touch to your small entryway.

Hang a Floating Shelf with Hooks

Install a floating shelf with hooks beneath it to combine storage and functionality. Hang coats, hats, or bags on the hooks, while using the shelf to display decorative items or store smaller essentials.

Use a Foldable or Expandable Furniture

Consider using foldable or expandable furniture pieces in your small entryway. For example, a collapsible coat rack or a folding chair can be easily tucked away when not in use, providing flexibility and maximizing space.

With these creative small entryway decorating ideas, you can transform even the tiniest of spaces into a welcoming and stylish area that wows your guests. Remember, the key is to make the most of the available space and infuse your personal style into the design. Have fun experimenting with these ideas and tailor them to suit your preferences and the overall theme of your home.

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