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There are a lot of things home buyers and sellers tell us they’re looking for in a real estate agent. Many things on their list have to do with communication, negotiation and experience. Finding that right partner in your real estate journey should feel exciting, much like the idea of buying a new home.

In 2023, many of our clients in the San Antonio, Texas area were able to find their perfect match with the Neal & Neal Team. This is why we have named Shane and Clint Neal the FastExpert 2024 National Top Real Estate Agent.

Neal & Neal is a team of twin brothers who started their careers in real estate over 13 years ago after graduating from Texas A&M. They’ve had great success in the last decade and credit a lot of that to their commitment to the client.

The 2023 Housing Market

In the US, 2023 wasn’t the easiest year to be a real estate agent. The prior year had ended with a lot of questions on where the housing market was headed and lead into a year that became one of the least affordable year in homebuying history.

Spring, which normally brings a rush of activity in the housing market, was disappointing for many in the industry. This set the trend for much of the year as mortgage rates soared, inflation grew and housing prices in most areas never came down from the peak.

However, many cities in Texas weren’t as impacted by the things that drove other areas down. While many states were seeing a population decline, Texas saw its population grow by by nearly half a million people.

2023 For The Neal & Neal Team

The 2023 year was an extraordinary year for the Neal & Neal real estate team. They were able to assist more than 769 families in fulfilling their buying or selling needs. This high number of happy clients resulted in a remarkable sales volume exceeding $280 million.

The market presented various uncertainties, particularly concerning rates and overall confusion that unsettled clients. Despite these challenges, the team successfully navigated through the turbulence by prioritizing the needs of their consumers and delivering educational solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

Working With Family

Fresh out of college, Shane and Clint Neal’s journey into the real estate field is marked by the unique advantage of being identical twins who share similar perspectives in every aspect of their work.

They both considered their similar working styles as a competitive edge in the early stages of their careers. Not all family dynamics are seamless, and many can result in disagreements and quick tempers. Luckily for the brothers, their shared mindset enables them to function at an exceptionally high level.

Naturally there are occasional disagreements, as with most siblings. But keeping in mind their common goals and focusing on what needs to be done has helped them succeed.

As one might expect, being twins that work together can come in handy at times. Shane says “I can remember numerous occasions when I’ve shown houses for Clint, and vice versa, without the client initially knowing. We simply played along as each other for the day! Interestingly, in all these instances, the clients eventually found out as we disclosed it to them and it was good laugh.”

Advice For Homebuyers and Sellers

We asked the team to share something they would want all clients to know. This was their answer:

“I believe it’s crucial for all clients to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire transaction process and its expectations, as clarity on what to expect is essential for a smooth experience for all parties involved.”

Advice For New Agents

Successful agents are great resources for new real estate agents trying to build their careers. We asked Shane what he thinks a new agents should know to help them start their journey.

“I believe it’s important for all agents to begin by truly understanding their motivation for entering the real estate profession.

Many newcomers are drawn in with the misconception that it’s an easy field with flexible working hours, but the reality is quite different, and the initial stages can be more challenging than anticipated.

To navigate this, it’s crucial to clearly define your goals for your real estate career, seek guidance from industry professionals performing at the level you aspire to reach, and approach the business with a mindset focused on continuous learning during the initial years.

Building a thriving real estate business takes time, and patience is key for long-term success.”

Working With FastExpert

Shane and Clint have worked with FastExpert for the last six years and have been a great partner. Our client service team has this to say about the team:

“Shane, Clint and team are a pleasure to work with! They are always kind and courteous and very responsive. The way they communicate and ask questions shows how much they care about getting things right and serving the client. We truly enjoy working with them!”

Shane had this to say in response:

“FastExpert has served as a leading business resource for our company over many years! Flourishing on this platform, we appreciate being highlighted alongside other top industry professionals.

We firmly believe that your success is influenced by your partnerships, and I can affirm that FastExpert ranks among our top business partners. Their customer service associates are a joy to work with consistently.”

2024 National Top Agents

Congratulations to the Neal & Neal team for an incredible 2023 and all the best wishes for 2024!

If you are in need of a great real estate agent in the San Antonio, Texas area, reach out to the Neal & Neal team. For help finding the top rated agents in your area, visit the FastExpert directory and search your location for top agent profiles and contact them for free!

Steph Matarazzo FastExpert Inc

Steph is the Marketing Director at FastExpert and has been working in the real estate data and research world for over three years. She is passionate about educating people on the real estate market and Excel spreadsheets. She lives on the East Coast with her family and recently purchased her own home.

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