What is the Best Way to Advertise a House for Sale?

Marketing has its roots in every form of the communication platform, be it newspapers, television, or social media. In 1981, 22% of all homebuyers found their dream house through newspapers. That trend has passed, and ever since people have been asking themselves the question, how do I attract buyers to my property? In short, you attract buyers to your property by advertising across several mediums: social media, print media, Google, listing websites, and more. 

Today, home selling agents and buyers have moved to social media marketing, Google ads, and many other forms of real estate marketing along with print media.

There are many home selling tips and tricks that can be used by sellers on their own or via real estate agents. From distributing flyers and investing in social media ad campaigns all the way to open houses and live events.

The following are some marketing steps for advertising your home and getting the best bang for your buck.

Open House – Inviting Prospects Home

One surefire way of making sure your house gets noticed and is out there is to host an open house. This lets potential prospects see your house in real-time, and get a feel for the place on their terms. Let them roam around as they see fit. Answer any questions they may have promptly and honestly.

A survey published in 2019 suggests that 53% of all buyers in the US attended open houses when looking for a place.
We advise that you have your home selling agent with you throughout the open house. This not only gives you an extra set of eyes to keep watch for potential buyers but also gives out a vibe that you are serious about selling your place.

Remember, homebuyers usually travel in groups and an open house increases your place’s chances of getting noticed and spreading word-of-mouth. Some essentials of hosting an open house include;

  1. Clean up
  2. Maintain a sign-in sheet
  3. Have copies of mortgage qualification forms at the ready
  4. Maintain flyers highlighting the pros of your space
  5. Offer tours
  6. Prepare snacks to give off an “at-home” vibe

Best ways to advertise a home

Virtual Tours – Letting Buyers See

Make a detailed video of your house that highlights the salient features of your place. Make sure the video has good production quality otherwise it could throw off some buyers. If you have made changes or upgraded recently, such as adding new floors, include that in your tour.

As an icing on top of your cake, point out any details that make your house stand out. Perhaps a celebrity who lived here or your house was of core importance in the past?

Once done, ask your home selling agent to post it online. You can also post it on your social media accounts for more coverage. 58% of Millennials and 46% of Generation X buyers find their new homes via mobile devices. You can also use paid marketing tools to ensure that your house comes on top when people search for a house for sale in your neighborhood.

Print Media – Piquing the Reader’s Interest

2019 saw significant growth in newspaper subscriptions. You can also choose to list your house in a local newspaper to get more coverage. Home selling agents also recommend using signs and banners to attract more attention to the house. A “for sale by owner” sign can let everyone in the area know that space is for sale.

Make sure the sign is big enough to be seen from a distance, but not too big as to scare buyers away. Other marketing steps for advertising home through print media may include;

  1. Flyers
  2. Ads
  3. Personalized letters
  4. Brochures, etc.
  5. Email/SMS Marketing – Reach Out

Several marketing companies specialize in sending out text messages to potential buyers. An SMS or email is a very non-invasive manner of advertisement, giving users an option to read it at their leisure as opposed to phone calls.

Because calling buyers in your home selling agent’s contact list is not only a hassle but is also a little creepy. 41% of users in the UK use their cell phones to text frequently each day. Although not as effective as social media marketing or the other home selling tips mentioned here, SMS/Email marketing is still an effective way of letting people know your place is up for grabs.

home advertising ideas

Sell the Neighborhood – The House Will Follow

When marketing your house, don’t focus just on making your house more attractive, focus on the neighborhood as well. After all, a house is only as safe and peaceful as the neighborhood it’s in. Make sure you point out as many features of the neighborhood as possible. These can include;

  1. Police response time
  2. Nearby galleries and entertainment centers
  3. Nearby nightlife and food points
  4. Neighborhood parks and recreational zones
  5. A neighborhood watch or other residential organizations and events hosted in the area

The whole purpose is to make your buyers relate and imagine themselves living in such an environment. Who knows, they might like a certain point so much that they’d be willing to forgive a shortcoming or two!

Preparing your Home for Marketing

Before working on the marketing steps for advertising home mentioned above, you must make certain arrangements. Home selling agents might call before bringing buyers, but independent buyers have a tendency to show up at doorsteps unannounced, and you must be ready to showcase your house whenever they arrive.

Following are some steps you can take beforehand to avoid inconvenience or embarrassment;

  1. Clean your place up and keep it clean.
  2. Hire a real estate agent to value your house. Your home selling agent can do that for you as well, though.
  3. Make sure all the listings you’ve made online have the right address and phone number
  4. Depersonalize your space by removing family photos as much as possible. You want the buyers to imagine their photos on the walls.

When taking the above-mentioned marketing steps for advertising home, make sure there is no misrepresentation of facts. It is normal to forget mentioning a point or two, but straight-out misrepresentation can get you caught up in legal trouble.

That is why it is a good idea to ask your home selling agent to advertise your home for sale and keep you in the loop throughout the process. If you want to sell your home and are looking for reliable home selling tips and real estate agents, FastExpert, Inc can help you out. Call or write to us to get a good deal on your home today!




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