Aguanga, CA: Buy or Sell? Current Market Stats


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Palomar Mountain

Aguanga, CA is a beautiful and secluded community in Riverside County, known for its rural charm and breathtaking mountain views.

The real estate market in Aguanga is not fast-paced, but there is still good activity. The average home prices have been slowly increasing over the past few years, but they are still relatively affordable compared to other areas in California.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Aguanga, CA, it’s important to know the current market trends. Here are some key statistics to keep in mind:

Real Estate Stats as of June 2022

Median Sold Price By Bedroom Count

1 Bedroom$305K
2 Bedrooms$395K – Up 41% from 2021
3 Bedrooms$595K – Up 36% from 2021
4 Bedrooms$650K – Up 26% from 2021
5+ Bedrooms$675K – Up 23% from 2021

Median Sold Price Compared To Nearby Cities

Aguanga$610K – Up 31% from 2021
Anza$450K – Up 14% from 2021
Idyllwild$560K – Up 24% from 2021
Palomar-Julian$525K – Up 8% from 2021

Currently a Seller’s Market

There are more eager buyers available than there are homes for sale.

Median Sold Price

$610,000 – $291/sqft – Up 31.3% from 2021

Avg. Number of Homes For Sale

15 – Down 6.3% from May 2022

Number of Homes Sold June 2022: 4

Asking Price vs. Sold Price

75% Under Asking, 25% At Asking

Avg. Days on Market: 19 days

75% of homes sold in <30 days
25% of homes sold within 30-90 days

About Aguanga, CA

Population: 805 (as of 2019)

Aguanga sits between San Diego and Los Angeles but is nestled in the hills of Palomar Mountain, East of the 15 freeway. This gives residents the best of both worlds: an easy commute to Los Angeles or San Diego for work, and a beautiful rural setting to come home to.

The area is known for its hiking trails, horseback riding, and camping. There are also several wineries nearby, and the community hosts an annual Jazz & Wine Festival.

Aguanga’s demographics are changing as more people are discovering the hidden gem that is Riverside County. The population is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.

If you’re looking for a rural property with breathtaking views, Aguanga, CA is definitely worth considering.

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