14 Easy Ways to Organize a Closet on a Budget 


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Organizing a closet can be a task, a chore, or a fun adventure. An organized closet can bring a sense of calm and peace once all your items are neatly in place. You may think that you need a professional home organizer or an intricate new closet system, but fear not. You can easily organize your closet on a budget! Many of these organizational items are inexpensive or free!

Certainly, the size and shape of the space and your collection of clothing articles and accessories play into the overall equation. In addition, you may not have the closet design of your dreams. However, there are easy ways to corral your items for a more orderly closet. Organizing your closet helps to maximize space, makes it easier to locate and access your items, and improves overall efficiency and functionality.

Let’s dive in and take a look at 12 easy ways to organize your closet on a budget.

1. Declutter

Start by removing all items from the closet and sorting them into categories (e.g., clothes, shoes, accessories). Get rid of anything you no longer need or use to create more space.

The key to the decluttering stage is you must first remove EVERYTHING from the closet space and sort the items before you begin placing items back into the closet. Being lazy or skipping this step will have a major impact on the finished product. 

If you haven’t gone through your closet in years, this will feel like a monumental task. Give yourself a weekend to accomplish it and take your time sorting through items. We all learned from Marie Kondo to only keep items that “spark joy.”

2. Categorize items

Group similar items together, such as shirts, pants, dresses, or by occasion (work, casual, formal). This makes it easier to find specific items when needed. I have found, the better categorized/grouped and the more visible items are, the more they are worn or used as they should be.

When you do not know where items are located, it is unlikely you will be able to find them when you need them. You will also forget you own many items when they are out of sight and or hidden. 

3. Use storage bins and baskets

Utilize bins and baskets to store smaller items like socks, scarves, or belts. Clear, stackable containers are particularly useful as they allow you to see what’s inside. Keeping these types of items out of the way, but easily accessible is important to staying organized.

This can also save money by not needing to buy replacements for the items you can’t find. Additionally, it’s a great way to make sure you match up those socks before putting them away. There is nothing worse than being caught with mismatched socks! 

4. Install shelving

Adding shelves is an easy way to increase storage capacity. Use them to stack folded clothes, display shoes, or store folded linens. Adjustable shelves allow for customization according to your needs and can add a nice touch.

Generally speaking, shelves are inexpensive and can really go a long way in helping you get organized. Shelves are great for keeping items out of the way and organized, yet accessible for everyday use if needed. 

5. Use hanging organizers

Hanging organizers with pockets or compartments are great for storing accessories, such as ties, belts, and jewelry. Hang them on the inside of the closet door or on a clothing rod. 

Oftentimes these items can be purchased relatively inexpensively on a resale site like Facebook Marketplace, helping you to keep a low budget while organizing your closet.

6. Invest in a shoe rack

Shoe racks or cubbies keep your footwear organized and prevent them from cluttering the floor. Consider vertical shoe racks or over-the-door shoe organizers to save space. It may sound counterintuitive; however, keeping your shoes off of the floor is a key attribute to keeping an organized and clean closet. 

7. Utilize space-saving hangers

Slim, non-slip hangers can help maximize hanging space. Use cascading hangers or multi-tiered hangers to hang multiple items vertically, this tip can maximize efficiency and allow you to keep many more clothing items pressed, and accessible at the same time. 

8. Label containers and shelves

Use labels to identify the contents of storage bins, baskets, and shelves. This makes it easier to locate specific items and maintain an organized closet in the long run. Storage bins can be very useful for storing seasonal type items such as winter clothes. 

9. Utilize door space

The back of the closet door offers valuable storage space. Install hooks or an over-the-door organizer to hang bags, scarves, or hats. These items tend to be clunky or oddly shaped and can be challenging to find a home for. The back of the closet door is a great place to stash many goodies that you may not wear or use frequently; however, are needed when the time is right. 

10. Do the laundry

Getting into a steady and consistent routine of doing (and putting away) your laundry will make all the difference in maintaining an organized closet. The best part is, this step does not cost any extra money. Just a little planning and effort, and you are all set. 

11. Use vertical space

Install hooks or rods near the top of the closet to hang longer items like dresses, coats, or suits. This optimizes the vertical space and prevents them from wrinkling. Since this vertical space is often not utilized at all, it is a very easy way to add “additional” storage capacity within the confines of the closet space.

12. Maintain a seasonal rotation

As the seasons change, store out-of-season clothes and accessories in vacuum-sealed bags or labeled storage containers. This frees up space for the items you currently need. 

With each season, it’s also a great time to go through your clothes and decide what should be given away. If you have a few nice items, you can sell them on a resale website like Poshmark. You can use the income towards your budget for organizing your closet, or a fun treat for yourself.

13. Donate Regularly

Placing a focus on donating or getting rid of older items on a regular basis can make a huge difference. All too often, we hang on to items that are never coming back in style, are never going to fit again, or are just not necessary to keep.

Have a basket in your closet or elsewhere that is labeled possibly donate. If you think you may be finished with an item, put it in the basket. If you don’t use it for several months and don’t miss it, that’s a good indication that the item should be donated. For those that have a hard time letting go, this is a useful tool.

14. Stay Consistent

Remember, the key to maintaining an organized closet is regularly decluttering, reevaluating your storage solutions, and staying consistent with your organization system.

While the initial step towards organization can feel daunting, the result can be freeing! In addition, you can organize your closet on a budget; it only requires some time and discipline. And once your closet is put in order, it’s easier to maintain, enjoy, and look your best.


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