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How do we get your leads?

FastExpert receive thousands of lead each month from clients looking for a top real estate agent. Half of our clients are home buyers and will need help with financing. These are the lead that are referred to you.

How are your leads better?

We call every lead to confirm their phone number, email address and their interest. The clients  informs us that they would like to speak with a loan consultant. That is when the lead is forwarded to you.

Why are the leads exclusively sent to only one loan officer?

We do not want to bombard our clients with several calls.

How am I charged?

You start by funding your account $200. Every time we send you a lead, the price of the lead is deducted from your account. Once your account is down to $50, we will auto charge your credit card again.

What is the cost per lead?

Since we only send the lead to one person, the one with the highest bid will receive the lead.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel anytime. We will refund you your remaining balance.