Simple Home Improvement Tips for Arizona That Add Value


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FastExpert partner and Arizona real estate agent, Ashley Lewis, shares her simple home improvement tips for Arizona.

The flowers are blooming, creepy crawlies are coming out, and Spring is in the air! That means Summer will be approaching QUICK in Phoenix, AZ. So, it’s time to get that A/C tuned to keep you cool all summer. Not only will this keep your machine running properly, but it can also save on energy.

Then get your Spring projects in action. Dusting, painting, revamping rooms, and adding new decor are inexpensive ways to make your home shine. Get the house ready for whatever is next, whether that’s a summer of entertaining or preparing to sell your home.

Small, But Impactful Home Projects

If you’re preparing to sell your home, there are some little, but impactful projects that you can do, to increase the value of your home, without burning a hole in your wallet.


For small projects around the home, consider doing it yourself. DIY projects allow your home to look like you broke the bank, but you didn’t! YouTube is a great place to learn how to do small projects or to figure out a technique.

When considering which projects to tackle, there are some key rooms and decor tips you should keep in mind when getting ready to sell. Remember, you’re trying to attract a buyer, not yourself. Time to think outside the house.

Fresh Paint

Touching up paint or repainting goes a long way. A dull room suddenly looks bright and clean. Painting is relatively inexpensive and is the easiest way to spruce up your home. If you do it yourself, it makes painting even more affordable.

Remember to look at your baseboards and possibly your ceiling as well. Oftentimes these areas have residual dust and dirt on them, giving them a gray tone. A fresh coat of white paint, along with a new wall color, can transform a room.

For additional cost savings, buy the big 5-gallon paint from your local home improvement store. It goes a long way. Freshening up any room with new paint is always good; they don’t need to be different colors.  However, remember to pick neutral colors that appeal to everyone and go well with your decor.

Neutral colors are more appealing to buyers because they can visualize themselves in the space when it’s neutral. They can imagine what they would do. Having one color throughout a floor is more appealing as well.

Buyers get a little flustered when there are different colored walls. They aren’t sure how to visualize. They start questioning where your decor mind was at. It can get weird.

Be Creative with Accents


Aside from painting, you can do other little projects around the house to transform your space. An accent wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper can make a room look completely different. Explore ideas on Google, Tiktok, or YouTube to help with color coordination and what might work in your room. 

Paint Furniture

You can literally re-paint anything these days. Never think you have to replace it. Even tile! Some furniture or surfaces require specialized paint to stick and not chip. Research what type of paint will work best with your surface. Repurposing and repainting furniture is incredibly popular, and tutorial videos are plentiful.


Add curtains to every room. They don’t have to be dark or blackout curtains. Think of what will make the room more cozy or draw out a color from your decor. Some rooms require light and airy curtains, while others deep patterns. Play with the height of your curtains as well. Curtain length can impact the feel of the room, oftentimes accentuating the height.

For the bedrooms, consider blackout curtains. Not only do these block the light, but they also keep the room cooler when closed.

Simple Kitchen Upgrades

Kitchens are the main room for everyone in the house. Known as the heart of the home, it is an essential place for gathering, cooking, and dining. Oftentimes the strongest memories are created in the kitchen.

Whether the kitchen is comfortable or luxurious, both of these will appeal to buyers. If you’re selling, try to keep the kitchen upgrades neutral.

For simple kitchen upgrades, replace any outdated lighting and change the cabinet hardware. To go a step further, you can resurface and repaint the kitchen cabinets. While this can be a DIY project, it is best to go with a professional painter to have this job done well. In addition, showcase the island by brining in a new color or modern stools.

Buyers will notice the age of the appliances, so consider replacing older appliances. People like to  eat, but they also like to cook these days.


Another room to highlight is a good work-from-home office. In post-Pandemic life, more people are working from home; therefore, creating an amazing office space is key to attracting buyers to your home.

Consider creating a feature wall in the room so that buyers can envision a beautiful, yet, clean background on future video calls in that room. Offices should feel calm, organized, and productive.

Get rid of the gaming chair and replace it with a stylist desk chair. A simple plant or succulent in the office have also been shown to increase productivity and focus.

Outdoor Space

The beautiful desert seasons, draw you outside; therefore, it’s essential to have a living space to enjoy the outdoors.

A lovely outdoor space can be created on a budget. String lights create boundaries on an outdoor space, make it feel cozy, and set the perfect ambiance. Set up comfortable seating so that people can envision gathering with friends outside.

If creating a firepit is outside the budget, consider a freestanding fire pit to create a central zone outside. Or, for the hot Arizona days, think about adding misters or fans to an outdoor pergola.

Simple Yet Stunning Home Improvement

While all of these tips are simple, they can have a stunning impact on your home.

You can’t find the value in your home if you don’t put it in there. No one has to know the price spent besides you. When people say “it’s the little things”. It really is. 

Work With A Realtor

If the sole purpose of your home improvements is to sell your home, talk to a realtor prior to performing any upgrades. A realtor will be able to advise you on what home improvements are worthwhile and assist you with a cost/benefit analysis.

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Ashley Lewis Barrett Real Estate

Ashley Lewis is an Arizona real estate agent and DogMomofAZ. She's worked in the real estate industry since 2017. If she's not catching up on real estate, you can catch her with her 5 dogs, DIY-ing, working out, or crafting on her Etsy page!

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