Homebuyers in Arkansas Find a Destination and a Dream


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FastExpert partner and Arkansas real estate, Lynn Butterfield, shares his invaluable insight on what Arkansas homebuyers want in a home.

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One of the things I love about living in Northwest Arkansas is “Lifestyle Diversity.”  So, when talking with people who are thinking of coming here or changing their current residence, I always start with one question: “What lifestyle are you seeking?” Homebuyers in Arkansas can find a destination and a dream.

Arkansas’ Abundant Opportunity

Water Recreation

Some people come here for the abundant lakes and rivers.  They’re looking for a place to fish for trout, stripper, or bass.  They’re looking for a place to sit and stare out at and feel the freshness of the water surrounding them.  Some like to boat.  Others like to paddle board.  And others like to swim. 

It’s no wonder Northwest Arkansas is called the Natural State.  There is so much to do outdoors!

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Other homebuyers in Arkansas come here looking for a bicycle adventure.  And they find it here!  OZ Trails are almost everywhere. 

“We have the terrain, the space, and the opportunity!”  said one of the founders of the OZ Trail initiative to me. 

Many people I know wanted a home near numerous trails so they could “fly” out of their house and have adventure meet them almost immediately. 

Such a lifestyle could be called living artfully!  And, there is other artful living available here.


Bentonville is the center of artful living!  People from all over the world come here to experience Crystal Bridges and the Momentary.

Crystal Bridges is the largest private art collection in the world, and it’s shared with the community in one of the most spectacular facilities ever created.  It’s filled with wonderful paintings, original founding documents of the United States, and fashion displayed in this comfortable soul-feeding place.

If you’re looking for a little different type of art, such as modern art, then the Momentary is the place for you.  It is the place for modern art and celebration.  It’s located just off Eighth Street in the market and art neighborhood in Bentonville.  The Eighth Street Market is also filled with exquisite shops.


The delicious restaurant scene is also a reason people are coming to Northwest Arkansas.  There is a James Beard Awarding Winning Chef located at Eighth Street Market, Downtown Bentonville, and Downtown Rogers.  One of my clients recently said to me, “We came here for the food!  We couldn’t believe that a place with a small population provides such amazing food experiences!” 

And the art just keeps dazzling your eyes!


The Downtown Bentonville Association commissions art to be presented as murals on the walls of the downtown businesses.  They’re building-size offerings all over.  It’s impossible not to have its beauty and creativity enhance your chosen lifestyle.  People come here regularly from Kansas City, Tulsa, Dallas, and Austin to explore the paintings and neon art on display.  And when they come, they often discover opportunities beyond what they expected.

“Is it like this every Saturday?”  One man and woman said to me while talking with me in my Bentonville office.

They were looking out at the weekly farmer’s market held on Bentonville Square Saturdays from May through October.  People looking for a healthy lifestyle come here for the fresh food, beautiful crafts, and welcoming community. 

Everyone is welcome here!


A couple from Connecticut came into the refuge of my office and said, “We’ve been looking for a place filled with friendly people.  This is it!” 

They were looking for a more relaxed atmosphere where they could build personal relationships to enhance their lives.  The Northwest Arkansas community is so welcoming and warm that people looking for friendship make this their home as soon as they possibly can.


Other clients come to Arkansas in search of a rural lifestyle. 

“We’re looking for ten or more acres.  A place where we can grow some of our food organically.  We also want a place where we can have animals.”  One of my clients from Chicagoland said to me. 

We drove through the forested Ozark Mountains to see exactly what they were hoping to find; a newer home surrounded by vast grass-filled land circled by trees.  It is the fulfillment of their dreams.


And other homebuyers in Arkansas seek to spend their days on the magnificent, green golf courses.  One client from Florida confided in me.  “The golf courses here are wonderful!  We can’t believe we have the opportunity to live on a course that hosts an LPGA tour event every September!”  They look forward to every day because they can golf every month of the year.  “We can’t believe we get to live here!”  They said as we sat on their patio. 

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How to Make a House Appealing for Homebuyers in Arkansas

Life seems to always change, so people also offer their homes for sale.  And when they ask me to offer their home for others to purchase, I ask them some guiding questions to achieve a successful result and make their home shine.

What is it that caused you to buy this house? 

Then I let them leave the present and remember just what it is that drew them to their place.  I do this because the new owner of their home will likely have the same draw.  It allows us to position their home on the market in a specific way.  A way that will speak to potential new owners.

How can you prepare your home to allow people to see themselves here? 

What can you do to see that they can make your home theirs?  I you can make your home feel available in an emotional way, then they’ll be motivated to make the purchase.  It’s all about delivering the Northwest Arkansas “everyone is welcome” message to potential buyers.

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What can you do to make your home available? 

It can be inconvenient to have strangers walking through your home.  However, in order to be able to sell your house, you must make it available when potential buyers are available.  

How can you make your special knowledge available to new owners?

Every home has its little quirks or special features.  Tell me what those things are so I can give your love of this home to the new owners.  It will relieve their minds and let them stake their claim.

How can you make your home shine?

Nothing is more important than cleanliness.  It makes any home more attractive!  Presenting a clean home will hide a multitude of “warts!”  Pay attention to the light fixtures and ceiling fans.  They gather dust and cobwebs and having them clean lets potential buyers know that your home has been well cared for.  Everyone likes to live in a well-cared-for home!  It allows them to relax and enjoy the lifestyle they hope to be living.

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A Real Estate Agent Can Guide you to your Dream

Buying and Selling a home in Northwest Arkansas is always about lifestyle!  Everyone is welcome here!

Everyone is welcome to benefit from my experience in lifestyle selection and transition.  I’ve been helping people with their real estate choices and sales for more than forty-two years now.  That’s what I do with my life.  It’s what I call giving Neighborly Advice™.

Lynn Butterfield Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette

Lynn Butterfield is an Associate Broker at Coldwell Banker and has over 39 years of experience in real estate and development in Arkansas. He's well-versed in all types of real estate from luxury homes to commercial real estate. He's passionate about his client's satisfaction and worked diligently on behalf of each individual.

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