Home Inspection Preparation Before Selling Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home? If yes, you must invest some time preparing your home for a home inspection so that there is no scope of future problems. You would not like to be faced with surprises leaving you flummoxed. Being prepared and ready for a home inspection will speed up the home selling process.

top realtors
top realtors

Home Inspection-Some Facts by an experienced Top Realtor

Some governments make it mandatory for the sellers to provide a detailed and thorough home inspection to the buyer. In some cases, there may be a need only for disclosures, and the buyer may have to arrange for getting the home inspected and pay for the same. Let us discuss the ways you can prepare your home for a home inspection Engaging the services of a top realtor can also help as he or she is experienced in the field and can help you prepare well.

Well-maintained House

If you hire top realtors from a renowned real estate company, they will tell you the significance of showing a well-maintained and a neat and clean house to the home inspectors. Clean houses are a clear indication of a well taken care of the house, and this leaves a good impression in the minds of the inspectors. Often inspectors come with some preconceived notions, and they can easily see through a cover-up. Thus, you must keep your house well maintained all the time.

Be Ready on Time

Sometimes, home inspectors may come early just to put you off guard. Thus, ensure that you are ready for almost half an hour before the appointed time. This way, you will not be left “surprised” when they knock on your door.

Ensure Utilities in Perfect Condition

Some of the best realtors will suggest keeping utilities in a running condition as the home inspector may check the dishwasher, turn on the stove, test the air conditioning and furnace for efficient running. Even if the house is vacant, ensure that your utilities are on. If the utilities are not on, the home inspector may be forced to reschedule his visit which is going to be a wastage of time. The transaction will be delayed, and the buyer may have to pay for a reinspection fee for the rescheduled trip.

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home inspection

Hire the Best Realtors for Guidance

Engaging the services of a top realtor can prove to be the best step that can help you get the home inspection done in no time. He may suggest removing excess things like bookcases, boxes, furniture and more that may be blocking access to the air conditioner, furnace or water heater making it difficult for him to check them. The inspector may need a minimum of 3-4 feet workspace to inspect these items.

Keep Pilot Lights On

The top real estate brokers always point out the necessity to keep the pilot lights on. In the absence of these lights, the utilities may not be inspected, and the deal may take some more time in closing until inspection of these utilities is completed. Preparing your home as per the above points can help you get a home inspection done effortlessly. Seek the guidance of experts at FastExpert to get it done without any hassle.



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