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Leroy Jackson Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Aztec

Charlotte Harbor, FLMobile Phone : (941) 661-4745

Specialize: Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda...

Leslie Poole Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams Real...

Punta Gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 286-4789


Ken Doran Real Estate Agent
EXIT Gulf Coast Real...

Punta Gorda, FL


Andrea Quilter Real Estate Agent
Real Edge Real Estat...

Cape Coral, FLMobile Phone : (239) 910-1273

Specialize: Buyers, sellers and investors ...

Sylvain DuPont Real Estate Agent

North Port, FLMobile Phone : (941) 888-4371

Specialize: Single Family, Villas, Residen...

Mike Lombardo Real Estate Agent
Old Glory Realty

Cape Coral, FLMobile Phone : (239) 677-4611


Gladys Labrada Real Estate Agent
Dockside Realty, Inc...

Cape Coral, FLMobile Phone : (239) 464-7445


Linda Weiss Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Palm Realty

Port Charlotte, FLMobile Phone : (941) 661-6409

Specialize: Residential

Patria Sanchez Real Estate Agent
la rosa realty

tampa, FLMobile Phone : (813) 419-8286


Chris Grant Real Estate Agent
Remax Anchor

Punta Gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 661-1124

Specialize: Southwest Florida

Debra Johnson Shuey Real Estate Agent
Miloff Aubuchon Real...

Cape Coral, FLMobile Phone : (239) 850-2811


Stan Colwell Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Alliance Grou...

Englewood, FLMobile Phone : (941) 316-6569


Kathy Weithman Real Estate Agent
CCRFL,LLC Charlotte...

Port Charlotte, FLMobile Phone : (810) 444-3044

Specialize: Charlotte County in Southwest ...

Jason Ester Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Anchor

North Port, FLMobile Phone : (941) 376-6626


Chad Vogt Real Estate Agent
Re/Max Palm Realty

Port Charlotte, FLMobile Phone : (941) 993-9530


Patty Estill Real Estate Agent
Re/Max Anchor Realty

North Port, FLMobile Phone : (941) 628-5339


Judy Petkewicz Real Estate Agent
AllisonJames Estates...

punta gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 456-8304

Specialize: Burnt Store Isles & Punta Gor...

Robbie Sifrit Real Estate Agent
Re/Max Anchor

punta gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 628-4761


Christine Miller Real Estate Agent
Safe Harbour Realty

CAPE CORAL, FLMobile Phone : (321) 258-2599


Joseph Ciarla Real Estate Agent
Anytime Realty

North Port, FLMobile Phone : (941) 730-1247

Specialize: Sarasota and Charlotte countie...

Robin Whitt Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Realty Team

Cape Coral, FLMobile Phone : (239) 443-0432


Jon Rivera Real Estate Agent
Re/Max Palm Realty

Punta Gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 286-7974


Michael Salino Real Estate Agent
Coldwell Banker

Punta Gorda, FLMobile Phone : (561) 702-3169


Larry Seale Real Estate Agent
Medway Realty

Venice, FLMobile Phone : (903) 767-6226


Carla Nix Real Estate Agent
Nix & Associates Rea...

Punta Gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 993-8698


Matthew Patterson Real Estate Agent
Remax Anchor

Punta Gorda, FLMobile Phone : (941) 375-1312


Kyle Tenbusch Real Estate Agent
Generous Property

Sarasota, FLMobile Phone : (941) 626-5346


Lori Emmons Real Estate Agent
The landings realty

Fort myers, FLMobile Phone : (239) 229-5666


Douglas Salmon Real Estate Agent
RE/MAX Realty Group

Cape Coral, FLMobile Phone : (302) 354-2444


Renee Schmidt Real Estate Agent
Re/Max Palm Realty

Port Charlotte, FLMobile Phone : (941) 391-7817


Steve Kettelle Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams Real...

Elmira, NYMobile Phone : (607) 259-2029


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