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How is the Real Estate Industry Using Social Media

The primary purpose of business enterprises, of all sizes and types, is to find, reach, and make new customers. Without a doubt, popular social media channels are seen as the best weapons for realtors to get in touch with their potential customers round the clock. Social media marketing is a powerful tool and helps real estate agents and brokers get close to potential prospects and engage with them. These days, all top realtors are using social media websites in order to endorse their businesses, make a network in the real estate industry, diversify marketing efforts, and build goodwill in the market. With the increasing use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other channels, realtors have started to use these channels to communicate with their audience.

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What can social media statistics provide to realtors?

Social media websites are all about offering users insightful, quality connections between people who spend a considerable amount of time on their mobile devices and computers. Thus, these sites are good resources for realty players to educate, inform, and entertain a targeted audience. It is said that an average user spends about one hour and 40 minutes on social media every day. A few years ago, about 84% real estate professionals were using social media. Now, it is easy to understand the new figure in current times. Check the facts through following social media channels:

  • Facebook: MAUs (Monthly Active Users) — 1.71 billion; DAUs (Daily Active Users)— 1.13 billion
  • YouTube: MAUs— Over 1 billion
  • Instagram: MAUs— 500 million; DAUs— 300 million
  • Twitter: MAUs— 313 million; DAUs— Less than 140 million
  • Vine: MAUs— 200 million
  • Snapchat: MAUs— 150 million; DAUs— 100 million

The social media users breakdown in the United States:

  • Facebook—162.9M
  • YouTube—176.1M
  • Instagram—89.4M
  • Twitter—56.8M
  • Snapchat—58.6M

Must use social media tools for real estate agents

Like realtors, both home buyers and sellers have increasingly begun to use social media channels. This trend has opened the door for real estate agents to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Here are some suggestions that realtors can use to market their products and services on social media channels:

  • Instagram to promote listings with a perfect and beautiful image
  • The king of social media Facebook to share content as per 80-20 rule
  • Twitter to promote listings of properties and generate leads with a hashtag
  • Professional network LinkedIn to get in touch with the real estate community
  • HootSuite for real estate agents to schedule their posts in one place
  • Integrate photos and videos on social media sites with tutorials

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All these suggestions will help Real Estate Agents to reach out to their target audience and markets, and enhance overall business performance.

Tips for realtors to upgrade social media marketing

If you are a realtor serving in any part of the United States, you should take things to the next level by upgrading your social media marketing efforts. To do this, you can hire a social media expert to keep in touch with all potential property buyers and sellers or you can save money and use the following smart steps:

  • Update your real estate website constantly
  • Try a weekly blog and fill your concerned website with fresh content
  • Make a social media content calendar to draft content regularly
  • Upgrade your existing content and share the same on various channels
  • Make your social media postings auto-updated with smart apps
  • Prefer Facebook Live to share real-time content
  • Let people know more about market updates on the weekly or monthly basis
  • Go for the geo filter feature of Snapchat
  • Add genuine and valuable links to your blog posts so that they are easy to share
  • Give preference to Facebook tabs in order to feed your listings, promote content, and run contests
  • Opt for Facebook local awareness campaigns
  • Use Twitter and Pinterest to sponsor listings
  • Use YouTube to upload the videos along with proper descriptions and links
  • Get in touch with fellow agents through LinkedIn groups to share viral content
  • Use meaningful images and share them regularly
  • Bring your social media fans to your email subscribers for an easy and better communication

With smartphones in hands of nearly all Americans, it is quite easy for realtors to communicate and send a message to their audience without spending too much on advertising costs.



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