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  • Kennedale texas?

    I grew up at my grandparents house when they both were alive they put the property and house in my name Haralena Saterlee Coble and my son Joe Tennison when they died I was in shock my grandfather son came down from Florida and took everything. How do I get the land backing been 20 years

    • Asked by Darrel Morrison
    • Fort Worth, TX
    • Legal
    • 23 hours ago
  • What are my rights as a tenant?

    I have lived in a home for eight years that has been sold? The real estate company has given me 60 days to pack and move. Are they allowed to come and go into my home at any time they want even if I’m not there.

    • Asked by Mary White
    • Salisbury, NC
    • Legal
    • 4 weeks ago