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  • Lease agreement ?

    I signed a lease agreement in 2018 for the purchase of my mobile home for 10years to pay off .In July 2019 one late payment but it was broken down to 6payments for 6months As of 2022 I was told the agreement was default an know I’m being asked to sign a year lease.2018 I paid 10.000 up front and 805 for almost 4year

    • Asked by Barbara N.
    • Flora, MS
    • Legal
    • 3 months ago
  • How long after forebearance does house go into foreclosure?

    Did forebearance for 18 mos. Now the bank gave me modification which I cannot afford. Looking to sell the house.

    • Asked by Carol S.
    • South Bound Brook, NJ
    • Legal
    • 5 months ago
  • home transfer of deed?

    interested in transferring or being included in property deed and mortgage

    • Asked by Rick D.
    • Chesapeake, VA
    • Legal
    • 7 months ago
  • What are my rights as a tenant?

    I have lived in a home for eight years that has been sold? The real estate company has given me 60 days to pack and move. Are they allowed to come and go into my home at any time they want even if I’m not there.

    • Asked by Mary E.
    • Salisbury, NC
    • Legal
    • 10 months ago